Terms of Sale
Orders for custom-made goods may be placed in person or over the telephone.  A full descriptive order form will be prepared describing your custom goods.  Upon receipt of the initial down payment of one third of the total agreed upon price for said goods, the fore mentioned order form will constitute a binding contract between Sage Creek Stock Saddle Co. and the purchaser.  This contract shall be considered fulfilled upon exchange of said goods for final payment of the same.  The initial down payment, or any subsequent payment, is not to be considered by the purchaser to constitute a purchase of any materials from Sage Creek Stock Saddle Co.  The purpose for this down payment is to secure intent of purchase on the part of the customer, and to bind the agreement between Sage Creek Stock Saddle Co. and the customer.  Failure on the part of the purchaser to complete payment for contracted goods within three months of the completion of such shall result in the forfeiture of the initial down payment.
At the time of down payment the price for said custom goods is to be considered by both parties as set and finalized, and as such, changes in the market place affecting the cost of materials, which transpires between the beginning of this contract and the completion of the same, will not effect this agreed upon purchase price.  This includes any change in the hourly rate of Sage Creek Stock Saddle Co.
Constraints which affect the manufacturing workflow of Sage Creek Stock Saddle Co. such as a delay in acquiring materials may affect the manufacturing timeline.  Work may not begin immediately upon receipt of down payment.  Work is begun in the order that it is received and when materials are in hand. Any delay imposed by the purchaser, for any reason, of three months or more during this process may result in breach of contract and forfeiture of down payment.
All sales are final, and products are guaranteed as to workmanship and materials.  Returns will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Sage Creek Stock Saddle Co.
Saddles and other items are warranted not to hurt the horse with any kind of fair use.  If alterations should be called for they will be made at the lowest possible cost to the customer, when any charge whatever is necessary.
Payment should be made with cash, personal check, or money order.  Final payment by check must clear at the bank before shipment is made.  Any shipping costs shall be the responsibility of the purchaser.
The items purchased from Sage Creek Stock Saddle Co. are considered to be an investment of trust on the part of the purchaser.  As such only the best materials and manufacturing practices go into the goods that we make.

Gordon R Andrus
Owner: Sage Creek Stock Saddle Co.
Nov. 19, 2008

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