I recently finished these wallet money clip combinations.  They are made with a pull tab that lifts cards partway out for easy retrieval.  The leathers are authentic exotics and the money clips are sterling silver.  These pieces are all hand made here in Hoytsville, Utah.

Hand Engraved in Sterling Silver

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I recently finished this saddle. It was commissioned by Sled Reynolds and made for Kevin Costner to ride in the Yellowstone TV show.  This saddle was a good project and I was able to work out some interesting design ideas in the tooling.  Thanks to my son Loy the photographer.  He does great work.  Loy is a gifted portrait photographer.  He is also skilled in a variety of historical processes. 

Loy can be contacted at  https://www.loyandrus.com 

His work can also be found on Instagram


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